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Trying to make the most out of infertility, and life in general. This is my journey to conceive, after a miscarriage and D&C that left me with Asherman's Syndrome.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A brief history.

In July 2005, I had a miscarriage at 11.5 weeks and as hard as it was, B and I bounced back emotionally and became confident we would try again. So I had a D&C after the miscarriage, since I didn't know I had miscarried. There were no signs and I wasn't bleeding at all. Basically there was no heartbeat and the OBGYN recommended the D&C. 4 months post D&C I still had not gotten my period. I kept going back for check ups to my OBGYN who kept saying I should get my period in 5-6 weeks, which turned into 6-8 weeks, then 8-10, etc. Finally, after 15 weeks of this I had been poked and prodded by my OBGYN so much that I decided to give up and go see a fertility specialist. I had also had a hysterosonogram which didn't reveal anything was wrong so I was put on Provera in the hopes of inducing my period. When the Provera didn't work, I panicked. Long story short, I got diagnosed by an RE/fertility specialist with something called Asherman's Syndrome through simply listening to my story, and doing a 3D ultrasound. He sent me for an HSG, which hurt like hell and then some, and of course no dye could get into my uterus. Upon telling this to the OBGYN, they laughed at me, saying I couldn't possibly have that as it's so rare. Well I must be a total freak, what can I say b/c that's what I'm now dealing with.

I felt terrified and devastated and just completely broken. Plus, I'm the worlds biggest pessimist so it was, and still is, hard for me to stay positive and take it one step at a time. I'm constantly trying not to get hysterical about it all. I went through a battery of emotions, and fought hard (without succeeding) from crying and feeling like this is so unfair and this kind of shit only seems to be happening to me.

In December 2005, I had a hysteroscopy, which confirmed moderate Asherman's. Dr. S was able to cut away the adhesions, and put me on antibiotics ( 5 days of Z Pak) and estrogen (2 weeks of Estrace at 2mg/twice a day) . Things were chugging along smoothly. The combo of the hysteroscopy/hormone therapy brought back some semblance of menstrual flow, albeit very light. Then in March, another HSG again was again inconclusive. No dye got in, but at least this time it wasn't so painful, just crampy. March '06 brought another medical procedure, under "twilight" anesthesia - a cervical dilation. Dr. S was able to get into my ute, which he thought looked ok. More hormones, and finally a period followed in March. Again the period was light, lasting a day and a half. And to think there used to be days when I dreaded getting my period. Both as a nuisance, and as I was TTC for a few months prior to actually getting pregnant. Now it's all I live for.

This past cycle took forever to come, but 42 days brought me friend Auntie Flo. So I started Clomid and just did my first IUI. Wish me luck!!


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