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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Had a small scare, all's ok

Two nights ago I had a small scare. Actually saying that it's small is an understatement for me. Every little thing feels huge right now and gives me reason to panic. Monday night, I noticed brown spotting when I wiped, both on my panties and on the paper. I FREAKED out. I know on a subconscious level that spotting in pregnancy, especially early pregnancy is normal, but when it happens to you it's almost impossible not to assume the worst. Plus, when I had miscarried, it started with a little bit of brown spotting, which disappeared after a few days. I never bled again and when there was no heartbeat, there was no bleeding to accompany that. So I got upset, but decided to wait it out until the morning.

When I woke up yesterday morning, there was still spotting, and it had turned a darker brown color. More panic and tears set in. I called the RE's office, and thy told me that it's probably nothing, so I went to work. By lunchtime, I couldn't stand the worry anymore so I called the RE and begged to come in for a scan. Log story short, everything with the pregnancy looks ok and little Junebug was measuring 10.4mm, exactly where it should be for 7weeks. Ah, what a relief. The RE couldn't really offer an expalnation as to where the spotting was coming from, but assured me it wasn't from the uterus. He thought maybe the progesterone supplements could be causing me to spot, which makes sense I suppose. So all is well for now, and I got back in next Tuesday for my 8week ultrasound. If all looks good, I'll "graduate" and get discharged over to the RE. I'm still spotting brown gooky stuff, but I'm not letting myself get upset about it.

My blood work also came back fine. Yesterday at 35 dpo HCG was 146,200 and progesterone had gotten up to 28.5. Woo hoo. This may sound gross, but the past few days it's been harder to get the supplements in my you know what. I'm soooo dry down there. Could be the lack of sex, since I told B we're not having sex until I make it to 13 weeks. Poor guy. I don't know how he puts up with me. He's a saint and that's one of the many reasons why I love him.


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